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Free Online Resource Guide: Community Conversation with the Office of Community Wealth Building (CB-18A7)


On March 30, 2018 The Community Foundation hosted Reggie Gordon, Director of the Office of Community Wealth Building, for its second Community Conversation.

Reggie and his team have spent the past year in due diligence to best understand the needs of our residents who face challenges in accessing living wage jobs, affordable and safe housing, a quality medical home, and overall financial stability. We look forward to Reggie sharing his insight and plans for the coming year. Attendees will be encouraged to share their related projects, outcomes, and obstacles, all with the hopes of creating connections that will build for greater success.

Please enroll in this free online resource guide to access Reggie's resources from the event.

Location: Online

  • Where Do You Stand - Resource
  • Where Do You Stand - family of four - Resource
  • Language for the Ladder - Resource
  • City Council Presentation - Resource
  • 2017 Annual Report - Supplement - Resource
  • Shared Vision Report - Resource
  • Complete Annual Report - February 2018 - Resource
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