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Free Online Resource Guide: #metoo is Us Too! Community Conversation (CB-18B6)


On April 10, 2018, the Community Foundation and the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance (VSDVAA) jointly presented a free learning event for nonprofit professionals, with speakers Kristi VanAudenhove (Executive Director), Jonathan Yglesias (Policy Director), and Ki'ara Montgomery (Member and Donor Liaison) from VSDVAA.

Drawing on lessons learned from public health and social change movements, Kristi, Jonathan, and Ki'ara discussed the risk factors for sexual harassment, the protective factors that make for a healthier workplace where harassment is less likely to happen, and benchmarks to ensure that sexual harassment is handled well when it does happen. The session included interactive elements, including tools for assessing risk and protective factors in your agency.

We hope you find these post-session tools and resources helpful!

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  • #metoo and the nonprofit sector - Nonprofit AF
  • It's Time for Nonprofit Boards to Have a Conversation About Sexual Misconduct
  • Portland Nonprofit Board Puts Sexual Misconduct Management Skills to the Test
  • Boards and Sexual Harassment: Are They Up To Responding Well to Complaints?
  • Doctors Without Borders Says It Fired 19 Staff for Sexual Misconduct in 2017
  • NGO Leaders Sign Pledge to Show Commitment for Change - Non Profit News[...].pdf
  • A Star Performer Created a Toxic Culture
  • Im a Female Chef..pdf
  • Assessing Sexual Harassment Response and Prevention Strategies.pdf
  • Primary Prevention Efforts
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